Our business is based upon each team member’s commitment to contribute to a 21st century organization that seeks to compensate employees via flexible schedules, sustainable compensation, and opportunities for professional growth.

Our firm prioritizes workplace satisfaction.  We operate in teams working together using a combination of in-person and remote collaboration.  Communication, accountability, and trust are the pillars of our culture.


Martin established Hartmann Architecture Studio in 2019.  With over twenty years of experience in architecture and construction in Southern California on a great variety of project types, Martin is a proven leader with a successful track record of projects managed.

Martin enjoys working with professional people to design and execute building projects of value.  Architecture is a major component of our civilization, and Martin considers it an honor to contribute to the built environment through a communicative, conscientious, and sustainable process.

Martin's approach to architecture is no-nonsense, direct, and driven by his clients' vision, programs, and budgets.